Listening is the centre of the work.

Finding the right therapist for you is important.   Personal recommendations are helpful. When that is not available meeting a potential therapist helps in making a decision.  So if you wish to, please make contact with me for an initial consultation.  In a first or second meeting, I will give you a response to the confusion, pain or need that you bring and give you an assessment of how I may be of help to you.

Your experience of the meeting will help you decide whether you have found the right therapist for you.

Some of the problems with which I can help include frustrations in relationships and in your work, depression, anxiety, panic, mid-life crises, obsessions, lack of spiritual fulfilment, serious and complex ill and traumatised states, and the psychological origins of physical illness.

For couples, you may be in crisis and need help to find a way forward, a crisis caused by a power struggle, an affair, sexual problems, and/or lack of emotional intimacy. Sometimes we are stuck in a dead end of blame, weary of the same old arguments.   The problems you are suffering may well be the key to psychological growth that each of you needs.   So often the complaint we have about the other needs more understanding.

The UK has always been a rich mixture of diverse cultures and nationalities and I am privileged by the diversity of those who come to work with me.

I offer psychotherapy to individuals and couples; heterosexual, gay and lesbian.