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Finding the right therapist for you is an important process and I wish you well in it.

If what you see here speaks to you, I suggest you contact me so we can meet and see how I may be of help to you.

The UK has always been a rich mixture of diverse cultures and nationalities and I am privileged by the diversity of those who come to work with me. I offer psychotherapy to individuals and couples. I work with sexuality in its diversity.

As you may have found from your searches, it is possible to make a list of some of the problems with which psychotherapy can help. These include depression, anxiety, panic, mid-life crises, obsessions, lack of spiritual fulfilment, trauma, psychological origins of physical illness and frustrations in relationships and work. Such formulations are starting points. What they mean for you is a matter to be discovered in the journey of the therapy.

One of Carl Jung’s contributions that in the state of pain or suffering meaning is being shown that can’t be expressed in any other way. The therapist’s task is to listen. Being wholly listened to enables discovery. Freud described therapy as cure through love, where love is understood unsentimentally letting in as opposed to shutting out experience, and, giving time for understandings to emerge.

The therapist listens to what happens. This means alongside conscious intentions in what is spoken, are happenings. We happen to ourselves. Just as the heart beats happen, so in large part we happen to ourselves psychologically. Thoughts, feelings, images that spontaneously arise, dreams that come as we sleep, are all complex forms of thought. Our intelligence is a much deeper process than our conscious cognition and psychotherapy can help in learning how to access this knowing. The therapist teaches the client to listen by example.

While attention in psychotherapy is given to problems and pain, it is important to know that suffering-joined-with-the-search-for-help is growth happening towards life, light, and joy in being alive. Liberated growth is far stronger than illness.

When the client can do for her/him self what the therapy sessions do, the work is done.