When you can’t sort out the difficulty or distress you are in, or you are struggling in relationships with a friend, family member or partner, psychotherapy or counselling can be a good idea.

Welcome to this website about psychotherapy and counselling. We hope you find something helpful and of interest to you.

James Barrett and Judith Anderson are  experienced psychotherapists.

In a first or second interview, with either one of us, we will give you a response to the confusion, pain or need that you bring;  giving you a straight assessment of how your needs may be met.   Thinking about your experience of the meeting will help you decide whether you have found the right person to help you.

Some of the problems with which we can help include depression, anxiety, panic, mid-life crises, obsessions,  lack of spiritual fulfillment, not doing work that is appropriate to your ability,  difficulty in getting into relationships, serious and complex ill and traumatised states including obsessive compulsive disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, the psychological origins of physical illness, and psychiatric disorders.

For couples you may be in crisis and need help to find a way forward, a crisis caused by a power struggle, an affair, sexual problems, and/or lack of emotional intimacy. Sometimes we are stuck in a dead end of blame, weary of the same old arguments.   The problems you are suffering may well be the key to psychological growth that each of you needs.   So often the complaint we have about the other needs more understanding about why we are preoccupied with it.

We work with individuals, couples, parent and families.   We are very interested to work with the variety of sexualities including heterosexual and gay and lesbian.

Our clients have been able to use their work with us to transform their lives and relationships, and carry on for themselves the work they have begun with us.

When appropriate we use Energy Therapy in addition to talking and the combination can very often enable the work that is needed.   With couples we use Imago Therapy which enables couples to move on from being stuck in difficulties to having much more interesting lives together. With parents we focus on moving from reactive to conscious parenting.

Finding the right therapist for you is important.   Personal recommendations are helpful. When that is not available meeting a potential therapist helps too in making a decision, so please do make contact with one of us for an initial consultation.

As therapists with a good deal of learning behind us as Jungian Analytical Psychotherapists, we continue to take new psychotherapy trainings to keep our work abreast of helpful developments in the  ever evolving field of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and counselling.   We have over the past five years been particularly impressed and grateful for the developments in Psychotherapy and Counselling of Energy Therapy and Imago Couple Therapy.

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