Energy Therapy

Energy psychology can provide additional dimensions to working psychodynamically.  Essentially the idea is that conflicts and traumas active within the person are encoded as information in the body’s energy system.*  By holding traumas in mind whilst a client places a hands on an energy centre (Chakras) and or tapping meridians can bring strong experiences of resolution.

This way of working, which is now well researched, has opened the door to being able to help in ways that may assist sooner than with more traditional talk therapy.  The benefits I and my clients have received are strong enough for me to offer the work confidently.   The methods of energy therapy are wonderful, gentle and effective, and are very helpful to many clients.

Of course, like all new developments this work is experimental and always to some degree unique to each person.   It is also true to say that all psychotherapeutic work has always been experimental.

As practitioners I hold responsiblity for working hard to keep myself well informed about and trained in new developments, researching their effectiveness in an always evolving profession to find ways which will help our clients.   Sometimes I understand why some methods work, other times I am confident that methods do work without knowing why;  this is the state of theory and practice in many disciplines.

I have particularly learned from, and valued Phil Mollon  Psychoanalytic Energy Therapy, Asha Clinton  Advanced Integrative Therapy,  Howard Brockman, John and Caitlin Matthews



*  There is a sound theoretical and scientific basis to this if you are interested. See Phil Mollon’s The simplest essence of energy psychology.

Phil Mollon’s Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy Karnac Books 2008  Chapters 13 onwards give a coherent review of the importance of electromagnetic fields of biological systems as highly effective communicators.   He quotes Lakhovsky “… that health is nothing but a state of electromagnetic equilibrium of body cells, while diseases and death represent just the opposite – a broken energetic balance” (Yurkovsky 2003)

“Increasingly it appears that the body-brain-mind system generates an information-transmitting electromagnetic field that contains information and has important regulatory functions.   The field provides information that is detectable by a external observer (frequency changes) and it can be influenced by energy therapeutic procedures, which in turn bring about changes within the body-brain-energy system.”

“The possibility of entraining the electromagnetic fields of biological systems into healthy frequency provides obvious partial answers to the question of how it is that healer’s hands that do emit measurable electromagnetic fields [Oschman 2000], have a therapeutic effect.”   This is not specific to healer’s hands, all hands emit measurable electromagnetic fields from the palms and fingertips, and it these that clients are taught to use on themselves.

My experience is that the methods  of energy psychology have been of substantial benefit to many of my clients.   Because what is achieved can seem remarkable there has been a tendency for excitement and in some cases exaggeration of what can be achieved.   Phil Mollon’s paper  Ethics – The Heart and Shadow of Energy Psychology  speaks to this.   It can be found at:-—heart-and-shadow.html