Energy Psychotherapy

The foundation of good psychotherapy practice is the therapist’s confidence that listening and presence will enable the client’s self and mind to grow and generate her or his own truths.  Also, that this will emerge in alive relating to oneself and others.

 The energy psychotherapies[i] are another form of this good practice supported by extensive research,[ii] and recognised in the National Institute Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines that are evidence-based recommendations for health and care in England.

Listening to deep processes of the mind, that are happening all the time, and profound healing can be enabled by the energy psychology methods.  For many, these are better experienced than explained[iii]. For those with a spiritual practice they will not seem strange; contemporary neuroscience[iv], biology, and quantum field theory[v] coincide with spiritual and indigenous knowledge[vi] in affirmation, but many us are inhibited by materialist and cultural assumptions.

I, and an increasing number of colleagues who have trained and practiced in the talking therapies are discovering in energy psychology, the subtle matrix of body, spirit and psyche familiar to the field of body psychotherapies. “The experience of many, many body psychotherapist trainees and clients…. [is that] the more deeply one goes into the experience of embodiment, the more strongly one becomes aware of the spiritual and subtle aspects of reality. This is not primarily a theoretical process, but an experiential one. Body psychotherapy, it seems, cleanses the ‘doors of perception’ which Blake and Aldous Huxley describe” (Totton, N., 2003). The humanist traditions have embraced the inter-relations of body, mind and spirit, traditional psychoanalysis has been cautious as have the traditional Jungian associations of Analytical Psychology. This is despite Jung’s courage to follow his own paths of research and learning to assert the presence of the imaginal as well as the material world and the equivalence of their realities.

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The basic limitations of consensus reality are an unspoken, unacknowledged part of our everyday experience and our minds are conditioned to believe that consensus reality is absolutely “real.”  A more total view of reality would include what is consented to plus what is experienced, but not consented to.  In other words, what we count plus what we discount Arnold Mindell, Quantum Mind: Deep Democracy Exchange 2012. P.29

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