When we get frustrated or live in pain or confusion it is often that traumatic relationships or happenings from the past are making themselves felt in the present and crying out for attention.  The causes of  deep unhappiness may not be apparent but the pain is very real.

Traumas may have occurred that are affecting your capacity to be fully present in your life, your capacity to love and be loved, to get on with work you enjoy, to meet the challenges, (if you choose), of raising children, or of not having children;  the challenges of aging, of grief, and of illness.

By nature we need to be able to solve problems and it hurts our self esteem when we can’t.    Traumas are wounds to the person’s whole system by which you make sense of your experience; a trauma is some kind of fragmentation of yourself, your capacity to generate your own truths, your own story.

In  psychotherapy this situation can come to be fully understood and changed, and the methods of Energy Therapy greatly enable the work of understanding, healing, and removing the resistances and blocks to change.

In a preliminary session the therapist will offer you an initial formulation of their understanding of your problem.    Thinking about your experience of the session will help you decide whether this is the right therapist for you.


The psychotherapy we offer will use energy methods if they are acceptable to you and if you agree they work for you.